Bed formers

Bed formers and motorised rollers are towed tools that allow the formation of 1 (or more) heaps of soil called ‘beds’. It is just on these “beds” that new vegetable or other crop seedlings will be planted. Falc bed formers and motorised rollers can be fitted on all Falc rotary tillers and power harrows; thanks to their use, the soil surface is fine and therefore ideal for the development of the plants’ root system. Besides that, the finely tilled soil favours water recirculation, thus preventing from stagnation and growth of weeds, getting it more fertile and permeable. As a result, in just one pass, the soil is finely tilled and the bed is prepared, saving on tillage costs and time.



Width of work from 1300 to 4500 mm

Tractors from 60 to 80 HP

Width of work from 1300 to 1600 mm

Match our bed formers to all FALC rotary tillers and power harrows.

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