Hydraulic forklifts for tractors

Falc hydraulic forklifts for tractors are ideal for lifting loads up to 2000 kg and are available with double or triple telescopic. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, they are widely used in orchards, horticulture, beekeeping, greenhouse, barn and open field work for transporting and positioning of heavy loads. 

In addition to the high-quality construction, which ensures extreme strength and reliability, the possibility of mounting them to the front or back of the tractor guarantees great versatility in all kinds of use.


Load capacity kg 1500
Lifting height 3200 mm

Load capacity kg 2000
Lifting height from 3200 to 3800 mm

Load capacity kg 1500
Lifting height from 2500 to 3800 mm

Among the range of FALC hydraulic forklifts for tractorts, choose the most suitable to your needs.

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