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Preserving nature and soil fertility, protecting against the harmful effects of chemical products: the “BIO FRIENDLY RANGE” join, gather all Falc equipment of particular interest for farmers who wish to follow non-invasive cultivation techniques and respective of environment and health.

For example, among this range, we find the “BIO TILLER” rotary tillers (which allow the destruction and simultaneous incorporation with the soil of crop residues, without the use of chemicals) and the “STRIP TILL” (to prepare in a perfect and targeted manner only the strips of soil to be sown); or the “GREEN LINE” equipment for mechanical weeding control.

Also the “SPIT GREEN JOLLY and SOLEX” shredders (for optimum chopping and mulching under rows) are part of the “BIO FRIENDLY RANGE”, as well as the GHIBLI pneumatic scatter seeders for inter-row grass sowing.

Rotary tillers


Inter-row equipments

Pneumatic scatter seed drills seeders

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