Digging machines

The “mechanical” work made by the “Digging Machine” exactly reproduces the work “handy” made by men, that is: soil penetration, tearing and throwing.

DIGGING MACHINES are ideal for vegetable fields, nursery fields, green houses, olive groves and for vineyards.

The DIGGING MACHINE does not cause the formation of a smooth, compacted and impermeable layer (as it happens with the “classic” plough). The Digging Machine leaves the ground broken, friable and permeable.

Fertility of soil is improved with the DIGGING MACHINE because organic or chemical fertilizer is fully mixed with the soil. The DIGGING MACHINE is the only implement that allows working wet soil – even when water covers the surface. It is also perfect in dry, hard soils as it leaves much smaller clods than those left by the classic plough, facilitating subsequent tillage and seedbed preparation.

In addition to that, the digging machine doesn’t require any tractive effort to the tractor, thus reducing fuel and tyres tractor consumption.


Tractors from 20 to 35 HP

Width of work from 1000 to 1500 mm

Tractors from 30 to 60 HP

Width of work from 1000 to 2000 mm

Tractors from 50 to 100 HP

Width of work from 1500 to 2500 mm

The best digging machine for your crops is a FALC digging machine.
Come and find out why.

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