Inter-row equipment

Inter-row cultivators

Falc’s series of inter-row machines and tool carriers are suitable for mechanical weeding and soil management for all inter-row tillage. The main purpose, besides working the soil effectively, is therefore to eliminate, or at least limit, the use of harmful chemical herbicides.

The range is made up of several models, with both passive and hydraulic motor-driven accessories, which differ according to the different need: hoeing, ridging and fast discs; rotating soil rake, summer blade, hoeing and ridging share, weeder, rotary rake, vertical and horizontal desucker, grass cutting disc and wire chopper. To complete the above range you have a wide choice of hydraulic power packs and couplings suitable to the best tractor brands, so that to ensure a perfect match at all times.

Inter-row tools. Inter-row machinery and inter-row tools combined with shredders

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