Folding rotary tillers

The hallmarks of “GAMMA” folding rotary tillers are: strength, performance and total reliability. With a working width of 4.6 – 5.0 – 6.0 and 7 metres, “Gamma” folding rotary tillers are designed to be fitted to 180-400 HP tractors. They allow high production yields, exceptional refinement of the soil and a considerable reduction in tillage costs and time.

An exclusive mechanism for the quick and easy opening/closing of the two sides, controlled by a system of synchronised pistons, facilitates both the transport on the road and any other working operation.  


Tractors from 180 to 400 HP

Width of work from 4600 to 7000 mm

Are you looking for a heavy duty and reliable folding rotary tiller? Choose FALC quality.

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