Folding power harrows

The power harrow is the most commonly used machine for seedbed preparation. It’s the perfect equipment for breaking up large clods and levelling the soil optimally. It is used for working large farms as well as vineyards and orchards.

Power harrows manufactured by Falc are equipped with extremely strong blades, with high impact resistance also in stony conditions; they can be equipped with several type of rear rollers: packer roller, cage roller, spike roller. 

The Falc range of power harrows consists of fixed and folding models that can be fitted to 40-450 HP tractors. 

All Falc power harrows can be equipped with various types of accessories: motorised rollers, bed formers, trace breakers and hydraulic Huckepack for sowing machines.

They can be also fitted with Falc pneumatic seed drills model Ghibli and Ghibli Special.


Tractors from 140 to 200 HP

Width of work from 4000 to 6000 mm

Tractors from 200 to 300 HP

Width of work from 4000 to 6000 mm

Tractors from 250 to 450 HP

Width of work from 5000 to 7000 mm

Choose a FALC folding power harrow to get the most out of your soil.

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