Bio rotary tillers

Organic farming is a method of cultivation based on the care of soil fertility through the exclusive use of natural substances and tillage techniques that respect the balance of the environment.

In recent years, organic cultivation has considerably grown and FALC, in order to meet with the growing market demand, has developed a full range of tillers called “BIO”.

“BIO” rotary tillers are equipped with a “Terminator” rotor that allows:

  • the destruction of grass and crop residues without the use of chemical herbicides
  • reduced production costs per hectare
  • minimum soil destructuring
  • maximum soil yield

“BIO” rotary tillers are available from 2.5 to 7 m of working width, for 100-400 HP tractors.


Tractors from 100 to 400 HP

Width of work from 2500 to 7000 mm

Help the reduction of the environmental impact of your work with a FALC BIO rotary tiller.

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