We produce a wide range of shredders with working widths from 0.8 to 8 m, for 20 to 280 HP tractors.

Shredders are used for several applications, both in agriculture and in the civil sector: in open fields, to chop crop residues of cotton and cereals; in vineyards and orchards, to chop pruning and grass residues; finally, for the maintenance of green areas such as: public green areas, lawns, canals and ditches, golf courses. The Falc range is composed by both fixed and folding shredders, which can be fitted in the front or/and back of the tractor; they can be equipped with different types of blades or hammers as well as other  optional, depending on the different processes to be carried out.

FALC shredders are multi-purpose, suitable both for agriculture and civil use.

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