Rotary ploughs

The FALC ROTARY PLOUGH is ideal for the primary working of the soil.

But it must NOT be confused with a “classic” plough.

In fact, the FALC rotary plough does not leave any smooth, compact sole (typical of the “classic” plough); on the contrary, the rotary plough evenly mixes the soil and the remaining materials; the soil remains soft and oxygenated, improving its fertility and facilitating subsequent tillage.

The FALC ROTARY TILLER can work in both very wet or very dry soil conditions.

Thanks to the PTO drive, both fuel and tractor tyres consumption are greatly reduced.
Strong point of strength compared to a normal DIGGING MACHINE? A higher advancement speed.

To conclude: by using the FALC ROTARY PLOUGH you get a reduction in term of FUEL  CONSUMPTION and also a reduction of TIME and working COSTS.


Tractors from 80 to 120 HP

Width of work from 1900 to 2500 mm

Tractors from 110 to 230 HP

Width of work from 2500 to 4000 mm

Tractors from 230 to 300 HP

Width of work from 3000 to 3000 mm

Do you want to find out how and why a FALC rotary plough is ideal for your soil?

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