Mulching shredders

Shredder for grass and pruning, ideal for the sub-row mulching. The shredded material is expelled laterally, that is on the right and on the left side of the row, near the edges of the interrow.
The mulching of the sub-row gives 3 advantages: the 1st is the fertilization effect; the 2nd is the creation of a microclimate which improves the moisture of the plants roots; the 3rd is the  coverage of the soil with organic material which limits the development of weeds, without using chemical substances.


Tractors from 50 to 70 HP

Width of work from 1200 to 1650 mm

Tractors from 70 to 120 HP

Width of work from 1500 to 1800 mm

In the FALC range you can find the mulcher you need.

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